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"cute couple contest"
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 @ 8:45 PM | 2 Comment [s]

contest ini?klik ini tau dila.

mst ramai yg letak pic chantek2 kan
sye pon nak la mencube nasib walaupun pic x seberape
jum tgk pic yg sye antr

pic ni saye n kwn sye "dila"
berholiday kt MERSING,JOHOR
smse semester break yg lalu
punye la excited dpt air laut mcm2 kami wat walaupun x bwk bju salin
(posing je)
sye yakin satu prinsip ini

"whatever you give to life, it give u back,
do not hate anybody,
love other and the love will come back to u"

slain bf sye.shabt sye adelah org yg paling sye syg slain fmly sye.

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